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Nic M. Amini Sam, M.E PRESENTS
Cyrus the Great king of Persia
Symbols Freedom. Human Rights, Equal rights for all
The preliminary description presentation of architectural, engineering, calculation
Specification of the statue of freedom of Cyrus the Great the king of Persian Empire
Will be made in eight designs,
1- Sculpture
2-18 inches 45 centimeters tall statue resin mixed with metallic bronze powder
3–75 inches 1, 99 M tall statue stand of the middle of three historical walls in stall city parks.
4- 6’3’’ full size 1, 99 miter height approximately 800 pounds stands on a three angle base
5- 6’3’’ full size 1.99 miters stands on three concentric on a base of concrete foundation.
6- A rotunda will be located in about 60 feet away from statue of freedom, visitor can
Congregate around, in central podium will have two plaques to read,
Declaration of independence for America and the first declaration of human rights by
Cyrus the Great Persian King in 539 B.C. IN Babylon.
7– The Jamshid Foundation has conceptualized the design of a ’’ Freedom Monument Statue ’’ that commemorates the ancient Persian leader’’ Cyrus the Great’’ King Kourosh – 601-530 (date of birth and death) to be construct and Installed near the harbor city of bandareh lengeh within Persian Gulf, the statue depicts . This iconic, enlightened king in a stance memorializing the gesture of his holding up a Rolled a clay Cylinder tablet upon which he proclaimed in Babylon in 539 B.C. the Inscription of what’s recognized the world over today as one of the earliest declaration Of Human Rights on record
8-the City of o Cyrus the Great will be worldwide visitors to bridge East and West culture and
Bind nations to gather to promote better life as a universal principal