هدف : آشنایی بیشتر با تاریخ و فرهنگ ایران

بنیاد جمشید نهاد است فرهنگی غیر انتفاعی با تلاش پیوسته خود کوشش میکند مردم ایران و سایر علاقمندان را با فرهنگ و تاریخ دیرپای ایرانی ، داستانهای شاهنامه فردوسی و تاریخ دوران باستان مادها, هخامنشیان , اشکانیان و ساسانیان با بیش از چهارصد نگاره و نقشه های جغرافیا بطور خلاصه با روشی ساده بیشتر آشنا نماید . تاریخ و فرهنگ ایران که تشکیل دهنده بخش بزرگی از تمدن جهان میباشد میتواند در ساختار پیوند بزرگ ملی به مردم ایران یاری برساند و با رعایت ” منشور آزادی” ” نخستین منشور جهانی حقوق بشر ” که خود بنیانگذارآن هستیم بخشش و آشتی همگانی بشود.
با سپاس از شما که با حمایت خود به پیشرفت فرهنگ و افزایش دانش تاریخی ایران یاری میرسانید
مهندس امینی سام دبیر بنیاد جمشید

Dear Sir/Madam
I would like to thank you for time in reviewing the Jamshid Foundation , non-profit cultural organization which has been designed to research and promote Persian History and culture through the publishing of five (1-5) pictorial books which has more than 1,250 pages and over 500 historical illustrations and art work painting both in Farsi and English,14 DVD’s-CD’s (6-14) totaling 14 hours in Farsi and in English containing over 300 pictures of art work for the first time. Incredible colored posters depicting historical events such as human rights the public gala of Cyrus the Great, map of the great Persia, rash Kamangir, the founder of the world peace and several others (15). Statue of Cyrus the Great King of Persia King of Persia an icon monument, symbolizes human rights equal rights in eight designs (16).
These were all produced to acquaint the readers and viewers in a beautiful narrated show form with the selections from the Shahnameh stories, the Ancient History of Medes, Acheamenian, Parthian and Sasanian, these all have been created with loving care for the purpose of increasing the awareness of both Iranian and non- Iranian about the Ancient History and show the panoramic events one of the olds and most historical nation in the world of human kind going back thousand B.C. which western world knows little about Iran civilization and its history. It portrays the rich cultural and heritage which is the backbone of the Iranian people. I hope that the information give you a different perspective on Iran’s culture and history, I wish you a happy days ahead, thank you for your support.