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بنیاد جمشید از سال 1990 در امریکا برای گسترش فرهنگ و تاریخ ایران کوشش میکند در سال 1991
برای نخستین بار 29 اکتبر از طرف بنیادجمشید در جشن نوروز در لوس آنجلس روز جهانی کوروش بزرک آغاز رنسانس ایرانی معرفی شد و د ر سال 2010 در مرکز زرتشتیان کالیفرنیا قرن 21 قرن کوروش هخامنشی نامیده شد . به امید روزی که حقوق بشر در جهان حمایت و اجرا شود و زندگی در جهان طوری سامان یابد که در آن موری آزرده نشود و بخشش و آشتی آرزوی همگان بشود

مهندس امینی سام

Jamshid Foundation
Nature and objective this is an unincorporated association a nonprofit organization of scholars and other persons interested in the study of civilization, culture, and human development. The specific purposes of this unincorporated association are to: Promote and encourage standards of scholarship education for the ancient Iranian studies, facilitate and assist in communication amongst scholars, corporations, organizations and persons concerned with scholarly study of civilization, culture, and human development through meetin

g, publishing and use of audio visual materials to make peace with the past . to combine our experience with our own present thoughts to form common ground in order to see the pursuit of happiness, human rights, liberty, freedom, peace, beautiful life, to love and be loved by each other and flourish it among the people of deferent cultures and background

With warmest regards Nic Amini Sam, M.E.
President Los Angeles California March 1990

To order books , DVD’s , CD’s , posters , and smaller of the freedom monument Statue in honor of the Cyrus the Great (Kourush bozorg) 18” tall 45 centimes pleas call (818) 434-6077 or (310) 473-7501

Email:mh@aminisam.com / www.jamshidfoundation.com / www,statueofcyrus,com your support for purchasing is greatly appreciated

Janshid foundation is a non profit , non political  cultural organization entity since 1987 , your contribution is fully tax deductible.

All images are designed by Nic Amini Sam, M.E ( Engineer)

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